Extend your lead by gaining new insights

Your business is characterised by the recording and processing of large amounts of data using sophisticated sensors, data storage systems and visualisation tools. Your customers value the robustness of your systems and heavily rely on the high level of availability that your organisation is able to provide.

Your customers frequently require your consulting services in order to make sense of their data. Unfortunately, providing precise insights from well-organised data to your customers in consulting services is not the core area of your business and is still a tedious, difficult and troublesome process for your organisation.

Our AI-based EDI hive Data Discovery Suite significantly reduces the efforts needed for gaining, sharing and providing well-organised, clearly structured key insights for your customers and within your organisation. It empowers you to quickly gain new insights from known as well as unknown data using a powerful combination of Automated Machine Learning Algorithms (autoML).

Data Discovery Suite Core Applications

Data Discovery Suite Core Applications

  • Raw Data

    Raw Data

    Upload existing data or connect your databases to visualise, analyse and share your raw data.

  • Key Property Detector

    Key Property Detector

    Automatically detect the relevant properties inside a raw data set.

  • Cause & Effect Chain Editor

    Cause & Effect Chain Editor

    Formalise your expert knowledge to pre-calibrate AI algorithms and share the experts' knowledge in a controlled manner. 

  • Effect Detector

    Effect Detector

    Automatically detect and visualise unknown cause & effect relations in data.

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